Pass the Sugar

Use bulk dispensers for sugar and other condiments instead of individual packaging.


Speak with the hotel or convention center beforehand and make sure that they turn off lights and air conditioning when the rooms aren't in use. 


Use a mobile app to inspire, engage, and captivate your attendees.


Arrange for shuttles to transport attendees to/from the airport and venue.

                                                        10 Green Meeting Tips

​​​​We work with our clients to engage in Green Meeting Practices, offering guidance as it applies to sustainability.  This approach helps our clients meet their environmental goals and objectives.​

Our goal is to contribute to a healthier planet by instating a "Sustainable Meetings" policy to help reduce waste and conserve.

The simple and cost-effective small changes we make, help to preserve the environment and save money. We widely communicate our Green goals and use our event web sites to showcase the Green measures you can expect to see at a particular event.

We also work enthusiastically to get attendees involved in our initiative.

SPread the word

Inform attendees, speakers, etc., about our success as a sustainable company in the hopes that they will to continue to practice sustainability. 


The water industry uses more than 1.7 billion litres of oil in distributing water bottles around the USA alone. Use water bubblers in place of bottled water.


Use locally produced seasonal organic food and beverage when possible.

When paper is necessary, recycle

Print documents on both sides and make them as small as possible; use recycled paper.

lighten your stay

Choose hotels that offer linen reuse programs and bulk dispensers for shampoos and soap in guest suites. 


Consider cities with mass transportation.